Feb 26, 2010

A Week of Lovelies

new obsession: cupcake stands

Magical pictures from an equally magical wedding

tulle and burlap gift wrap. Better yet, all proceeds go to help Haiti.

fat peonies will always be my fave

not fair

Attitude: not so nice but that outfit is the bomb

Have a lovely weekend all. I have a ton of work to get through but next week I am off to Boston. I have my wellies ready and my sweaters packed. I think this California girl is in for a rude awakening (in the form of cold, cold weather) Should be interesting.



  1. Love cupcake stands, so pretty!!! It would be pretty to have all white cupcakes and then pastel stands. I also love peonies. SOoo pretty. Great post!

  2. love those little cupcake stands! that shoe closet is exactly what i need. and those peonies are to die for!

  3. Love that tulle and burlap gift wrap! Have a great time in Boston - my sister and her husband live there and they love it. make sure to shop on charles and newbury street! also, there is amazing italian restaurants and bakeries on the north end. here's a post about my time there if you're interested:

  4. a stand for each and every cupcake? wild! very cute. also, that bride looks amazing! and as for the attitude...AHHH! i'm with you- great outfit, but everything else about her = scary.

  5. agreed...Olivia = not my fav...but that photo via The Sartorialist def. captured my eye. Love navy with gold (even if they're just buttons!)

  6. Love those cupcake stands! I love how olivia is so not nice but always looks amazing, I want her wardrobe.

  7. The red nails make olivias outfit. Hate her perfection! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend my dear.

  8. ok...seriously...i could not love your blog more. i think i may have to blog about how much i love it.




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