Feb 4, 2010

Sarah + Andrew = Perfection Squared

Sarah and Andrew are crazy awesome. Why you ask? Let me count the ways

1) They shot their engagement session at a record store

2) She dawned a little black mod dress


3) They got married at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. (Yay!! Squeal!!!!Double back flip! Woo Woo!)

You can check out all of the lovely details on my guest blog at Style Me Pretty

Images via Abi Q photography


  1. Aww this couple is darling. Go go gadget indie love!

  2. So High Fidelity. (one of my fave movies!)
    Uber cool.

  3. I think I need to start wearing feathered headbands on a day to day basis. Cute!
    and oooh, the palm springs Ace! awesome!

  4. Um, completely awesome. I want to be that cool - is that wrong?! ;) Gorgeous. And congrats on the Style Me Pretty guest posts. That kicks ass!

  5. Congrats on being on Style Me Pretty - so exciting! xo


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