Feb 19, 2010

A Week of Lovelies

Sparkly Paris 

A sweet backyard wedding

Wide open spaces

natural cotton is o so gorgeous

Sixties boudoir art is hot and I really like the pillows

String letters

Sam is the cutest little thing I ever did see

A circus tent ring. I need it!

lovely colors via Amy and Stuart Photography

Road trip

Words of wisdom


  1. I love that cottony/organic wedding! It's so pretty.

  2. What beautiful photos and an adorable little boy. Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. man that cotton idea is genius! And if you live in the South its luxe decor on a budget!!

  4. okay, i'll be honest with you...so many things about this post just won my heart! like...looking at this just put me in a really great mood. little boy = PRECIOUS! and the string letters? perf.

  5. every single one of these images is amazing!!


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