Sep 1, 2009

A Plum Ceiling

I don't know wether to drool over that insanely perfect plum ceiling or the incredibly scrumptious painted floor pattern. Oh someone needs to hide the paint brushes because I am ready to go to town on our little apartment.

Image via Sara Story Design by way of Coco + Kelley


  1. yup. totally painting my ceiling plum now.

  2. Hello, I absolutely adore your site and I just had to leave a note for you to say so !

    Your posts are interesting, creative and original, and your pictures are great too.

    Perfection !

    Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes... Happy September

  3. Lovin' your blog! That pretty plum, gorgeous door, and bridal veil. xoxo

  4. Put the paint down anna, it is a rented flat in which you live!


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