Sep 30, 2009

Let there be florals

I am oh so excited for these. The floral goddess will be taking care of all of our bouquets and boutonnieres for the big day and we decided to tackle our own floral arrangements for the tables. To make it easy, we bought a bunch of vintage containers and will be filling them with the large blooms above and why not throw in a few billy buttons (or yellow ball things as I like to call them} while we are at it. I love all of the textures and the colors are going to bright, bright, bright just like I like it. We are also going to be buying a range of dahlias from a local grower to mix in. The above flowers we are going to purchase from That is sort of nerve racking but they have a lot of positive feedback so online shopping we go.


  1. These look lovely, we used 50 flowers for my sister's wedding in August and it worked out wonderfully, just be sure you order the blooms with enough time for them to open up as some can take up to a week, but I'm sure you already know that!! I also chatted with my mom today and she recommended Paul's Dry Cleaning in SLO to get your dress pressed, they've been around for over 20 years there and my mom has always had good luck with them. Also there is a wholesale flower market in Nipomo about 10 minutes from the DP Barn if you need any flowers they have a great selection!

  2. I used fifty flowers and whole blossoms for all the flowers for my wedding -- they were both great! I was wary too of what I may end up with when those boxes arrived, but everything was beautiful!

    But yes, those garden roses especially - order them to arrive a couple days in advance. Mine were delivered Friday (because they were not able to get the flower I originally ordered and had a rush shipment) and they did not have enough time to open to that great peony shape.

    Don't worry, they'll be beautiful!

  3. We used Fifty Flowers and had a few hiccups, but I felt like their customer service was pretty good. Be prepared to have them call you to tell you the garden rose you want isn't available... the key is flexibility! I was a bit bummed, but it all worked out. See my full post from last month for more on what happened...

  4. Yes I agree all social occasions must have flowers. These floral decors give such vibrancy and magic to any room, plus it complements the whole ambiance, without it, the social event would look dull and lifeless.

  5. Well flowers are here in this world for a purpose - to bring magic to special moments. A wedding or any event for that matter would be boring, dull and soulless if it were not for exquisitely beautiful flowers.

    Carolina Luxuries


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