Oct 25, 2011

Speaking of Anniversaries

this is how we celebrate the Anniversary of I Do in the Lepperd household – with a nice cozy pair of Wicked Good Slippers from L.L. Bean. Sexy, right? With Chilly McFreezing Winter just around the corner and not a slipper in the house, we figured who needs fancy dinners or weekend getaways to Vermont? Instead lets indulge in fuzzy goodness for our toes. So order we did all while gulping down a nice big bottle of Cab. I mean it wouldn't be an Anni without wine, right?

In other news, I spotted quite the lovely Anniversary Party over on Oh Happy Day

Gorgeous cake, a little croquet and dinner with friends all captured by Leo Patrone. Sounds like my kind of party. Maybe next year we'll forgo the robe exchange (because robes are a natural progression from slippers, duh) and opt for a pretty party instead

Images courtesy of Leo Patrone via Oh Happy Day


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