Jun 20, 2011

A Monday of Pinterest Lovelies

With visions of a million projects dancing in my head (everything from children's books to interior design and future house dreaming), pinterest has become my new best friend as of late. Not that I don't enjoy hours of mindless, awesome picture gazing. And I find extra fun in spying what images make other people tick. It is pretty much a guarantee that whatever Kathryn pins, I will ultimately repin and even my mom is in on the action. She spotted the first image and I kind of want to live in it forever. So, Monday is going to be dedicated to all things pinterest with an emphasis on yummy summer inspiration and a pink piggy because really, I couldn't leave that little guy out... 

yes indeed. Welcome to Monday lovies! I have a feeling this week is going to be a GOOD one.


  1. Thank you for the Pinterest love!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing... xx Anastasia at Decor is like butter

  3. aw, that piglet is adorable. i just want to kiss it's little snout ... well, kind of. :)

  4. that wedding chapel makes me wanna get married all over again!


  5. My goodness that church hall is phenomenal!

    Maria xx

  6. Such a pretty post! I too am obsessed with the loveliness of Pinterest xx

  7. Oh my gosh that little pink pig is the cutest thing in the world! Such great pictures you found here. I want to hear more about your children's book plans! You sound like a busy busy girl, Erin!
    Star Hughes Living


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