Oct 21, 2010

It's just around the corner...

the one year anniversary of becoming a Mrs.to my Mr. is within reach and per usual, I haven't finished my gift yet. This should in no way reflect on how much I love my husband, only how little time I have for such things as etsy perusing or love letter writing.  And since the first anniversary is the year for all things paper, a love letter would be in keeping with tradition but alas I am a girl who likes to break the rules. In fact i revel in it so here's a little sampling of some of my favorites and *GASP* they aren't all paper related but they are definitely all awesome.

1. To Have and to Hold custom vows painting via TwoFishArt
2. Yellow Ampersand sign via OldNewAgain
3.I Love the S*!& Out of You Pring via thebigharumph
4. Heart Map via Bombus
5.L is for Lover Print via dearcolleen
6. Me and You pillowcases via Urban Outfitters
7.Paper Heart Art via sarahandbendrix
8. Love in a Jar Cloth Bag via yourwishcake
9. Save the Date Pillow via chakrapennywhistle
10. This is the Life Wood Sign via GoJumpInTheLake
11. Biscuits and Gravy Sign via YeeHaw


  1. Congrats! and terrific list.

  2. Fabulous fabulous finds! But where is the TP? ;) And CONGRATS! A year must really fly by!

  3. I agree, congratulations! And I really think all those items are so cool, I could buy them all if the funds were a little bigger right now :) But I'm definitely getting some inspiration for the christmas gifts! I have some inkling of an idea to make all the presents myself this year, but if I'll find that time is too short, it's satisfying to know that help is just a mouse click away.

  4. those pictures are so perfect!

  5. Congratulations :)



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