Jul 18, 2010

New City, Same Old Obsession with Yellow

I am in need of a big bag to lug an assortment of books(to read on the subway) and an umbrella (because it randomly rains in Boston at the drop of a hat)and a map (because I am still trying to find my way through the streets of this amazing city)and water(because it is insanelllly hot)among other things and I think this bag is utterly adorable and perfect. It also comes in blue if thats more your flavor. Buy it here.

Found via Oh Joy


  1. Very stylish!

    I know where you can get a red umbrella. :)

  2. where did you move to? I love that yellow bag! darling!

  3. I loooove the blue! So cute! Glad you are enjoying Boston. Just wait til the fall--you will fall in love even more!

  4. yellow AND stripes.
    the perfect beach bag.


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