May 14, 2009

{ Never Ending Quest for Shoes }

Even though I swore off all shoes J Crew and gave them the new moniker J Kill because my feet were a throbbing mess after about two minutes in what I thought would be my wedding day shoe, I might have to have a change of heart. I want these. I want to dance around in pretty floral shoes on my wedding day. I don't care that they don't match my "wedding colors" either. I was never one to follow a pallet and I like a lot of color so screw it. There will be lots and lots of random color at my wedding, starting with my shoes. Annd I don't care if they hurt, because they're pretty so hmmph. Did I mention that my bridesmaids are wearing leopard shoes?Things are about to get interesting.

1 comment:

  1. This high heel dress shoe looks very beautiful.I want to have one.


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