May 12, 2009

{ Help }

Does anybody know where I could find about 30 yards of cool fabric for not a ton of money? I need help. Everything I find is super cheeseball and I am beginning to get frustrated. Any suggestions would help. I want to make napkins for the wedding.


  1. take a trip up the garment district in LA... it's soooo worth the drive. we got some awesome fabric for our photobooth backdrop for about $15, and it's a HUGE piece. it's a little overwhelming because there's so many options, but it's super cheap and it's really fun to wander around looking at everything!! go to for more info.

  2. sounds perfect. thank you jessica!!

  3. Ikea? Etsy? Hmmm...I'm digging the fashion district idea. How are you making your napkins? I was thinking about doing that as well!

  4. I tried Ikea but no luck and Etsy is a little expensive. I need fabric in the $3-4 a yard range so the garment district it is. I sooo do not sew so I will be cutting out 18" squares that day and my mom and her friend will be sewing them.

    I want the napkins to look like the ones from this wedding complete with twine. I love:


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