May 5, 2009

{ Leaving on a Jet Plane }

We finally buckled down and bought two tickets to Argentina and I am so.excited!!!It makes the honeymoon official; as in, we are actually turning back. 

I know it sounds bad but this has been one of my absolute most favorite things about planning this wedding. I think Mr. Lepperd would agree. After all the stress and family, it will be nice to get away and do nothing. in a foreign country. with amazing wine. and steak. and pretty, pretty surroundings.

So once the tickets were out of the way, I did what any normal girl would do {or maybe I'm totally abnormal}...I started planning my honeymoon attire. Le sigh. I see big floppy hats and metallic sandals in my future. Thanks to Lake Jane, I discovered Polyvore and it really has become the best way for me to completely waste my time. Oh, but I love it so. 
Without further ado, behold my Argentinean honeymoon attire:


I'll take this Hideaway Hat too, thank you.

1 comment:

  1. yayay i'm so jealous about your trip to argentina. i can't wait to go back!


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