Sep 20, 2011

When your Best Friend is Preggers

a) you lose your partner in vodka sipping crime (although I must admit my Sundays have been hangover free for quite awhile now and I kind of like it. Does that mean I'm finally growing up?!?!?)

b) you lose your mind over each and every cute little baby adornment, baby picture, baby room. All I have to say is god help this blog when I get knocked up. For now, it's just my pinterest account that's been high-jacked by mini-human inspiration

I honestly feel like every single person I know has a womb squatter as of late: co-workers, faux sisters, old friends, new friends, favorite bloggers (oh and here too). The list goes on and on and on. So in an attempt to gather my baby crazed thoughts into one post*, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the fun bits currently offered for the littles in your life. Behold some pretty finds for the wee lasses...

and who can forget the itty bitty gentleman. Not I. And this sucker comes complete with a Wild Things Crown...

Girly Baby Goodness: 1. Polk-a-dot Jacket, 2. Rosie Toy, 3. Le Petit Voyage Bed, 4. Gold Booties, 5. 10 Mil Besos via Lay Baby Lay, 6. White Century Crib, 7. Imabari Towels, 8. Striped Romper (not available right now)
Boy Bitty Wonderment: 1. Yellow Sweater, 2. Fur Booties, 3. Wild Things Crown, 4. Sheep Rocker (this frightens my Hubs but I think it's all sorts of amazing), 5. Dinosaur Mobile, 6. Grey Crib, 7. Zebra Rug, 8. Zinc Letters, 9. Snakey Snake

* Who the heck am I kidding? My best friend's growing a human! eeeeeeee it's going to be the cutest little thing I ever did see and I'm pretty positive there will be more than one post on this subject to follow


  1. Oh my god, those selections are perfection! I especially love le petit voyage bed. The boy set makes me want to re-do my son's room.

  2. You are the freaking cutest. XO

  3. How come I can't bring myself to squeal over baby things?! I really want children - and I'm sure I'll adore mine. But I just can't get all giddy about these things....pretty as they are!

    Is there something wrong with me?!

    Maria xx

  4. haha, that's awesome. you're so right though - as soon as someone gets preggs, their blog EXPLODES with baby things. i probably wouldn't be an exception either. but you're a good best friend. blog about your her baby ;)

  5. Okay, darlin - my super-fan of yours status is again confirmed. My bestie is preggers right now & with a boy & I have been struggling to find cute things for boys. Love this post!

  6. such lovely things!!!

    a big hello from Madrid,

  7. aaaah!!! i SO agree! it's like baby fever has hit the universe! love that you remind us all that b.f. can still be chic & fabulous! xo

  8. womb squatter. hilarious!

    yes, the preggo bug is fun and catching. But let me warn you, my baby boy is currently cutting 4 (yes four) teeth at once right now. It is MIZ.

    oh, who am I kidding!? I wouldn't trade it for anything. 95% of the time :)


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