Sep 16, 2011

Jade with Envy

vibrant greens and jades, heck we'll throw teal in there too, maybe a little mint? they have captured my heart this morning and pair so nicely with moody greys. How could I possibly resist? I'm unbelievably ready for Fall by the way. I dusted off the boots last night and they are just begging to be worn for a little apple cider sipping or maybe a few crisp air-infused jaunts


  1. I'm so excited for fall. Summer can have next year. :)

    Thanks for posting these great photos. They made me smile!

  2. Beautiful. I love those kelly green curtains, would have never thought they would've worked so well.

  3. Love the colour of that eyeshadow...teal is my fave colour! In fact I only bought the laptop I'm writing this on coz it was that colour (technophobe!)Beautiful post, thankyou

  4. Those curtains are luscious! Heck, it's all luscious!

    Maria xx


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