Jun 2, 2010

This bride

killed it with her hippy chic bridal style. 

Images via Once Wed


  1. I beg to differ... what killed it (and for real) is the length of the necklace - it's either too short or too long. It would have been great if it were shorter IMHO. Otherwise it would have been perfect... too bad!

  2. yes. absolutely awesome I love it. at first I was also confused about the necklace..mostly because of the feather with the dress that has nice detail at the top. regardless, still awesome .tres chic.

  3. I thought the same thing about the necklace at first, but i think it's only lost in the black and white photos. otherwise, I love it! So cute.

    Weirdly enough, all of my favorite things in life, I hated first.


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