Apr 17, 2010

A little weekend shopping

It has been a long, busy week and I was in need of a little retail therapy so I decided to add these lovelies to our kitchen repertoire and I am BEYOND excited. I have been eying them for ages and finally bit the bullet. Now I just need some yummy champagne and pear cupcakes from this lady to sit on top of those perfect, perfect stands.

Images via Farmhouse Wares


  1. oh wow, are those name plates mini chalkboards? SO lovely. and i think cupcake stands in place of one single cake stand is just too adorable. xoxox

  2. You're so funny! Now you have MORE stuff to move to Boston! :)

  3. oh I love your new kitchen additions! I am already daydreaming about how cute your table will look with the new items. love.

  4. Just discovering you blog! It's gorgeous...love it!


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