Dec 27, 2009

Ciao Ciao Argentina. You will be missed

Oh, where do I begin? Argentina is beyond anything I could have imagined. It was so very gorgeous and the food, oh the food. We pretty much ate and drank our way through Buenos Aires and Patagonia. We danced on the cobblestone streets of San Telmo, basked in the natural beauty that is Bariloche and roamed through the boutiques of boho chic Palermo all while trying our hand at some very rudimentary spanish and falling even more in love. But enough talking, feast your eyes on a few lovelies.

Pretty, pretty places to rest our heads:

Argentina Hotels

The streets are alive with the sound of music:

The streets of argentina

Flora and Fauna or what I like to call "God's Country":


What we spent the majority of our honeymoon doing:


Argentina in the soles of our shoes:

If you are heading to Argentina anytime soon, you must check out these bed and breakfasts. I left a little bit of my heart at each one.

The Cocker - San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Los Juncos Lake House - San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia


  1. aw how wonderful!! I just got back a couple weeks ago and your photos make me nostalgic! What a great place to honeymoon!!

  2. your pictures are fantastic, I've always wanted to go there, glad you had an enjoyable time!

  3. love the pictures. i left my heart there, too:(.


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