Mar 28, 2012

Pretty weather (read 80 degrees in Boston last week) makes me want to do EVERYTHING outside, including eating, drinking and being ever so merry. If only I had a view like above, I might even sleep outside. They don't have bears at the beach, right? But alas I'm in Boston and it's back to a chilly 45 degrees so for now I'll stick to dreaming of bright, shiny, happy tablescapes perfect for sipping mojitos. Summer can't come fast enough.


  1. Amazing! Loved it! By the way, I love your blog!I have a blog too and I'm always inspired by yours!

  2. I am absolutely drooling over these summer colors and gorgeous tablescapes. I adore the variety of pattern and textures (especially in the first picture!), thank you for sharing!
    My summer and its warm weather come quickly!

  3. Great inspiration for brides to be! I just became a follower. Follow me back :)

    The Pretty Pinhead


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