Mar 29, 2012

Chin Chin

I love a good cocktail recipe. That's probably a given. My go to is Vodka Soda or Champagne anything but thinking I need to move these pretty numbers into the rotation this summer. A drink should look as good as it tastes in my opinion and these all fit the bill
1. Little Rose Spring Cocktail via Martha Stewart 
2. Lavender Mojito via Sugar and Charm 
3. Grapefruit Mojito via Martha Stewart 
4. Lime Sorbet Margaritas via Real Simple 
5. Blood orange Margarita via White on Rice

You know the old adage, it's four o'clock somewhere. Or is it five? Noon?


  1. All of these look delicious, thanks for sharing!

  2. These look fantastic! I love this post about cocktails. I have a few books on my bar that are full of them, but I never take the time to make them. I would love to make pretty ones like these!

  3. SO beautiful! A cocktail is definitely just as much about looks as it is taste...

  4. Hawaiian : Hipahipa (hepa hepa) Mai Tais are always flowing at my house :)

  5. My all time fave is blue margarita. :D And I am quite interested with the blood orange margarita by the Real Simple. :)


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