Aug 18, 2010

Dressing Up the Dressed Down Look

I know this sounds absolutely crazy but I don't wear sweatshirts or sweatpants or anything of that nature. Nothing against them, I'm just more of a dressed up kind of girl. So much so that my husband practically humps my leg when I wear yoga pants. (He's a big fan of the laid-back sunday look)But this my friends, this I could rock and absolutely would rock in a heartbeat if it wasn't $365. Darn you rent. You get in the way of everything.


  1. Ok $365 is pushing it..but I love it!

  2. LOVE IT!!! And I do love getting dressed up but the California beach girl in my loves hanging out loose jeans and tanks tops on lazy afternoons!

    (we must find this in a cheaper price!)

  3. AH LOVE!!! i have something similar from H&M... last year though. i came across these the other day - similar and at a much better price!

  4. i'm not much of a sweats girl either, but i think i NEED that urban outfitters version. :)
    xo, m

  5. elizabeth and james does it every time! i love it!


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