Feb 24, 2011

A Love Affair with Citron

Citron, Citrine, Chartreuse – whatever you want to call it, it's all the rage and I must say, I'm totally feeling it right now. Just a dash of this spunky highlighter hue really gets the heart a pumpin' and my brain ready for some sun. Lots and lots of sun. Whether you wear it, decorate with it, or pop it into your wedding colors, chances are you are going to be noticed. In a good way of course.

And here are some of my picks for adding a little pop of Citron into your life. Best if not used all at once. Or go for the glory, wear that bra with that yummy, sexy dress, lace up those heels, plop down in your Panton chair and smell that citron scented candle. 


  1. Love those dresses!

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  2. Lovely inspiration board! So fresh - just in time for spring!x

  3. have you seen chanel's new mimosa polish for summer? it fits right in with this theme!

  4. When I saw the title - i thought you meant the vodka lol! love this color too, though... :)


  5. i loveeeee all of this inspiration! What a bright fantastic color, but sometimes it can even work as a neutral - it's amazing! love the ruffled shorts best

  6. Such a fabulous color and inspiration board!! Those JCREW shorts truly are darling!!


  7. That color will be perfect for Spring =) Thank you for your post Erin!! www.bluebonnetsforsal.com

  8. you pick the best stuff! i'll take the yellow shorts :)

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