Feb 17, 2011

Give your ceiling a color lift

J'adore wonderfully colored ceilings from bright pops of color to the palest of blue and all of the yellow stripes in between

and speaking of adorned ceilings...how brilliant is this take on the classic ceiling medallion

Images: Sarah Story Design, Pinterest, Belle Interiors, Apartment Therapy, Emily A. Clark, Little Green Notebook, Dress Launderette, Decor Pad, Manolo for the HomeDandelion PaperweightRoom 269


  1. I love the yellow striped ceiling! So different, yet brilliantly done!

  2. i LOVE this! Definitely a different approach to painting than what most people do. Obsessed with the second one- that coral/ pink color is perfection

  3. I think I might have to do this in my new apt. I really love the white room with black ceiling. Gorgeous.

    velvet cupcakes

  4. I just adore this look! I've had the red ceiling saved in my inspiration folder for awhile now... I'm thinking a pop of color in my walk-in closet is just what I need every morning.

  5. I love these, especially the yellow striped nursery ceiling! 4th pic down - are those thumb tacks pressed into the edge of the shelves? Brilliant. Will be stealing that idea!

  6. ohhh I never think to paint the ceiling, but these photos make me want to now!

  7. You talent is phenominal! Never laid eyes on your work..looking good lady! Shout out to that lovable hubby of yours too!!

    ~Jason Seas

  8. these rooms are stunning! filing for inspiration!

  9. such a great idea! just hope the paint won't drip on my head! hehe.
    please visit my blog sometime!



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