Jan 29, 2010

A Week of Lovelies

fluffy, pretty ranunculus

a cool getaway car

Art as interpreted by Vera Wang

Rain, weddings and ice cream... oh my

Lake Jane is living the dream

a simply beautiful elopement

modern day Dorothy

orange bentwood chairs and a blackboard make this dining room fab

One bride, two weddings and two equally pretty dresses. lucky girl

Anna Bond lent her fabulous skills to the besties wedding invitations. More to come from these lovelies

DIY place card holders and more pretty flowers

not your grandmother's lace tablecloth

pale pastels are my fave this week

cutlery wallpaper

all you need is a little apple green 

 Sarah Seven has me wanting a reason to wear this lovely

books, books, books make the best decor


  1. Thanks for the link! What a lovely round up of photos... have a great weekend!

  2. This is a great compilation of some wonderful photos!!!


  3. i dream of having walls of ceiling to floor books one day.
    ps.your blog is great.

  4. gorgeous. i love professional photographs of elopements. partly because i wish we'd eloped : x

  5. You are right. I really like houses with a huge library. I think that it looks great. Specially when they have been arranged with some order.

  6. It is the biggest home's library that I haven't ever seen. I think that there more then 1000 books there and the way that it is built. It looks pretty impressive.

  7. I like this style very much. It's so light and innocent.


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